PZL-104 Wilga 2000 Draco

Homemade RC airplane model

PZL-104 Wilga 2000 Draco

Materials: XPS foam 3 and 5mm (or Depron 3mm, 6mm) + balsa 2.5mm, aircraft plywood 2mm, Bamboo Skewers 3mm, UHU Por glue
Wingspan: 1,11m (44")
Length: 880mm
Flying Weight: 364g (12,8 oz)
Motor: AEO MF2204-1550KV (21g), if your plane is more than 400g, use MF2405-1300KV, 20A,
Propeller: GWS EP 1047 (Slow Fly)
Receiver: FlySky FS-iA6 (7g)
Transmitter: FlySky FS-i6X ($45)
ESC: VGood 12A (13g)
Servos: EMAX ES9051 (5g) x 6
LiHV battery: 1100mah 2S 7.6V
Wheels 3-3,5"
Carbon Strips: 0.6mm x 5mm
Carbon Fiber Hollow Tube: 400x1.8x1mm
Nylon Control Horn with Clevis (0,52+0,34g):
Control Horn (0,5g)
for Beginner RC Pilots: 3 Axis Gyro Flight Stabilizer

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PZL-104 Wilga 2000 Draco RC Plane plans

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PZL 104 Wilga-80

Multipurpose plane

In 1958, at the Aviation Structures Center in Warsaw, the design of a new multi-purpose aircraft for glider towing, parachutist training and for sanitary purposes and agriculture was started.

In 1961, a prototype of the aircraft, designated PZL 104 "Wilga1", was tested, but subsequent factory trials forced the designers to completely redesign the aircraft. The new, fully metal structure, designated" Wilga-2 ", met all the requirements and in 1963 mass production began several versions at the same time:
"Wilga-2P" - passenger and liaison service
"Wilga-2A" - aero club (towing gliders, transporting parachute jumpers)
"Wilga-2S" -sanitary
"Wilga-2R" ~ agricultural version.

The constantly changed and improved design aroused great interest in the country and abroad. In the seventies, further changes were introduced and a new engine - Continental 0-470-L with a power of 169 kW (230 (HP). The version was designated "Wilga-35". In the 1980s, "Wilga" was produced in two variants: "Wilga-35A" - according to the BCAR regulations and "Wilga-80" - according to the FAR regulations, including: with noise silencers and changed engine cooling In 1991, the "Wilga-80" flat Teledyne Continental Motors 10-550D engine with a capacity of 300 was used KM This new version, marked as Wilga 80-550, is characterized by even better performance.

The "Wilga-35A" and "Wilga-80" planes are used to take part in various types of aviation competitions in Poland and abroad. These planes fly in 19 countries, including Canada, Egypt and the USA.

The PZL 104 "Wilga" airplane is a multi-purpose, four-seat, cantilever high-wing, all-metal structure with a fixed landing gear. It belongs to the category of short take-off and landing aircraft.

Technical data:
Span -11.13 m; length - 8.03 m; height - 2.98 m; bearing area -15.5 sq m; curb weight - 870 kg; flight weight -1300 kg, speed - max -196 km / h; speed of climb - 5 m / s; ceiling - 4000 m; range - 600 km; flight duration - 3.5 h; run-up -121 m; reach -104 m.