T-28 Trojan RC Plane Plans


Materials: XPS foam 3 and 5mm 1050x500 (or Depron 3mm, 6mm);UHU Por glue
Balsa wood 4x4mm; Bamboo Skewers: 3x400 mm
Aircraft Birch Plywood 1,5 mm
Basswood Plywood 2 mm
Wingspan: 1000mm (≈40")
Wing area: 16,61 dm2
Flying Weight: 307/322g (w/wo landing gear if the foam density is 30kg/m3 )
Wing loading: 19 g/dm2
Motor: X2305 KV1450 (25g)
Propeller: 1047
Receiver: FrSky S6R (12g)
ESC: SunnySky X 18A (9g)
Servos:EMAX ES9052MD (5,5g) x 4 ,
LiHV battery: 1100mah 2S 7.6V
Stainless Steel Spring Wire 1,8 mm
Wheels 40 mm
Neodymium magnets 3x5mm
Carbon Strips: 0.5mm x 3mm
Carbon push rods: 500x2x1mm, horizontal stabilizer carbon tube 500x3x2mm
Nylon Control Horn with Clevis (0,52+0,34g):
Hinge Linker (24mm):
Control Horn (0,5g)
Transparent plastic screws 4x45mm
Small Nylon screws: 2mm

Laser Cut files SVG/DXF and PDF plans (templates) for paper print

Print in actual size (100%) A3 (297 × 420mm) or A4 (210 x 297mm) Download PDF,SVG/DXF (€7) в pубляx
Download free example

t 28 trojan rc plane plans

Full build video