Edge 540 RC Plane

Edge 540 RC Plane

Homemade remote control 3D aerobatic airplane scale model (DIY Foamie Scratchbuilt)

Materials: 5-6mm blue XPS foam, white 3mm foam for skin and tail (Extruded polystyrene or Depron 3mm, 6mm) + Balsa wood 4x4, aircraft Birch (!) Plywood 1,5mm, UHU Por glue
Wingspan: 1016 mm (40")
Length: 815 mm (without motor)
Flying Weight: 362 g
Motor: X2305 KV1450 (25g)
Propeller: GWS EP 1047 (Slow Fly)
Receiver: FrSky S6R (12g)
ESC: SunnySky X 18A (9g)
Servos: EMAX ES08D II (9g)x4
LiHV battery: 1100mah 2S 7.6V (45 g)
Stainless Steel Spring Wire 1,8 mm
Wheels 1.75"
Carbon Strips: 0.5mm x 3mm
Carbon Fiber Hollow Tube: 500x2x1mm
Nylon Control Horn with Clevis (0,52+0,34g):
Control Horn (0,5g)
Round Pivot Pins D2.5 x W8 x L33mm:
Hinge Linker: (24mm)
Transparent plastic screws (M4x45)
Nylon screws: M2

Plans (paper templates and Laser Cut files 5 and 6 mm versions)

Print in actual size (100%) A4 210×297mm or A3 297×420 mm or A2 594х420 mm 250g/m2 paper Download PDF A1,A2,A3,A4 and SVG/DXF (€6) в pубляx
Download free example

Edge 540 RC Plane foam plans

New version

Edge 540 RC Plane DXF plans

All plywoods is 1.5mm. Nylon nuts are glued to the back of the motor mount

P.S. Wing can be glued without screws and landing gear balsa too.

Full Build Video tutorial & maiden flight