Slow Flyer

Homemade extremely lightweight Slow Flyer RC Plane

Slow Flyer

Hydro Slow Flyer another ultralight aircraft for water take off and landing


Materials: 3mm Axton (Leroy Merlin) XPS foam (density 26kg/m3) + 4 mm white foam, Depron 3mm, 6mm+ balsa 1.5mm, aircraft plywood 1.5mm, Bamboo Skewers 3mm, UHU Por glue
Wingspan: 1,8m (70")
Wing area: 33,8 dm2
Wing loading: 4,2 g/dm2 (1,38 oz/sq.ft)
Length: 890 mm (35")
Flying Weight: 142g (5 oz)
Motor: 1304 3000kv (9g)
Propeller: 6030
Receiver mini : FlySky FS2A 4CH (2g)
Transmitter: FlySky FS-i6X ($45)
ESC: VGood 6A (7g)
Servos: EMAX ES9051 (5g)x2
LiPo battery: 350 mah 2S 7.4V (20g)
LiHV battery: 380 mah 2S 7.6V (18g)
Carbon Strips: 0.5mm x 3mm
Carbon Fiber Rods: 1mm
Nylon Control Horn with Clevis (0,52+0,34g):
Control Horn (0,5g)

Free plans

Print in actual size (100%) A3 297 x 420 mm (11.7 x 16.5 inches) or A4 Download PDF

numavig slow flyer

Slow Flyer RC plane plans slow flyer numavig

How to Make tutorial video

Maiden Very Slow Flight

New lightweight Flying Wing


ultralight rc flying wingfront view

Wingspan: 2,04m (80")
Wing area: 53,15 dm2
Wing loading: 4,2 g/dm2
Motor: T-MOTOR AM30-F3P 2280KV(18,6 g)
ESC: 16A (9g)
Propeller: T8044
Servos:EMAX ES9052MD (5,5g) x 4
Carbon tube: 8x7x500mm
Basswood Plywood 2 mm
Male/Female Servo Connector 10 pair
Transparent plastic screws (M4x16)
LiHV battery: 380 mah 2S 7.6V (18 g)
Flying Weight: 224g

Laser Cut files SVG/DXF

Download PDF,SVG/DXF (€4) в pубляx

rudder and wingdxf laser cut files RC slow flying wing