CESSNA 172 F Skyhawk

American sports plane

One of the world's largest manufacturers of sports and light transport aircraft is the American company Cessna. It was founded in 1927 by the pioneer of American aviation, Clyde V. Cessna, and has produced over 50,000 aircraft to date. It currently has 10 types of single-engine aircraft, 4 types of twin-engine aircraft and 4 types of military aircraft in its production program. This is matched by an appropriately branched service network not only across the USA (in 50 states), but also across all other continents; has representation in 68 countries.

The most successful production type is the model 172, 172 F and Skyhawk, of which over a thousand units are produced annually. It is actually one type, but the 172 model is produced exclusively for the American market, the 172 F is the standard export version and the Skyhawk is the luxury one. More significant differences are only in equipment and surface treatment.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk Plane Plans

The Cessna 172 F is an all-metal semi-self-supporting high-wing aircraft for four people with a fixed three-wheel hooded landing gear.

The wing is all-metal, single-beam. The wings and flaps are also all metal and their coating is reinforced (signed) to increase strength. The wing is supported by a simple strut. The airfoil used is NACA 2412, up to the x-x mark in the plan view, from where it is interpolated to symmetrical at the wing tip. The angle of adjustment on the fuselage is 4-1 °30', the end of the wing has — 1 °30'.

The hull is a semi-shell all-metal structure, the spacious four-seat cabin is equipped with large doors on both sides. Steering is steering wheel, front split seats are adjustable. The flight deck can be equipped with all instruments for non-visual flight (IFR).

The tail surfaces are also all-metal, self-supporting, the elevator has a protruding cover. The vertical tailplane has a NACA 0009 airfoil at the root, NACA 0006 at the tip, horizontal surface at the root NACA 0009, at the end NACA 0006. Stabilizer pitch is — 3°30'.

The landing gear consists of a tricycle landing gear; the main landing gear is flexible steel self-supporting, the bow landing gear has an oil-pneumatic shock absorber and rotates with the rudder. Brakes are disc hydraulic, Goodyear type. - All 3 types of Cessna, mentioned at the beginning, are also certified for floats.

Engine group. Flat 6-cylinder engine Continental 0-300-D by 145 к at 2700 rpm. drives a Me Cauley metal adjustable propeller. The fuel tanks are in the wing and have a total capacity of 159 l.

Coloring. Types 172, 172 F and Skyhawk are available in several color versions, but the design is the same. Drawn plane Shykawk, im. brand N 7825U has a white base, including the license plate. Parts of the fuselage, wheel covers and edge arches of the wing are red. In addition, there is a black strip on the sides of the fuselage from the propeller to the trailing edge of the wing. The upper rear part of the rudder (with the white Cessna inscription at the bottom) is also black. In the black stripe below the cabin, there is a white Skyhawk inscription on both sides.

Technical data and performances: span 11.023, length 8.077, height 2.72 m; wheel track 2.184 m; wing area 16.26 m3. Weight: empty 572, max. take-off 1020 kg. Speeds: maximum horizontal 224, cruising at 75% power at 2135 m 211, maximum 305 km/h. Climb rate at the ground 213 m/min, reach 4435 m, range 1255 km.