Titan Wild glue

Universal waterproof

Use: To paste polystyrene (especially ceiling tiles, plinths, rosettas), wood, flooring, cork, ceramics, floor carpet coverings, artificial leather, paper, fabric, some kinds of plastic, etc., as well as to paste these materials to concrete, cement-lime, gypsum, plaster and brick surfaces.
Glue is non-combustible and explosion-proof.

Application: Apply the glue in a thin layer to a clean, even and dry surface. Leave it for 2 - 5 minutes for drying up, then press together the pasted surfaces. Cover the porous surface with glue twice. It takes approximately between 30 and 40 minutes to set the glue. After the work ventilate the room carefully to remove the glue smell. Ingredients: copolymers of vinyl acetate

Manufacturer's recommendations: Use the glue in well ventilated premises, after the work ventilate the room carefully to remove the glue smell. Avoid children's contact with the glue and inhalation of solvent vapors. Use protective gloves while working.

Expiry date: 36 months (Manufacture date is indicated on the bottle)

Titan Wild glue

How to use UHU Por glue

for gluing Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) foam: Depron, Styrofoam and etc.

UHU Por is quick-drying, contact, mainly intended for joining polystyrene elements together. It can be used with no less efficiency for gluing wood and wood-like materials with polystyrene. Colorless and waterproof.

Apply it with a spatula made of a plywood strip or with a brush. The surfaces to be bonded must be dry and clean. Let the lubricated elements (both glued surfaces) dry for 5 to 20 minutes; The tests showed that after applying an even and thin layer on both elements, this time did not exceed 5 minutes. This can be practically judged by checking with your fingertips that the touch does not leave any marks. As soon as they are pressed, the gluing takes place immediately (attention, without any possibility of any movement, position correction!).